Voices that illuminate

we sing to bring attention

we sing to affect change

we sing to right wrongs

we sing to advocate


Luminaria takes its name from a small paper lantern (commonly a candle set in some sand inside a paper bag) often used to light the path in southwest United States and in Hispanic communities during Christmas time.


We hope to be a light, illuminating the path to heighten, enlighten, and deepen the community’s awareness of social issues and causes through music and the arts - whether it be social justice issues, devastating disease or other topics that deserve to have a voice and a discussion surrounding them.


We are an invitation-only, women’s vocal ensemble, made up of career choral singers, as well as soloists. What we all share is a passion for talking about issues that need to be talked about!


Our ensemble ranges from 8 to 16 singers depending on the concert, and can craft programs on nearly any topic. Have an idea? We’d love to hear from you!