Like all other arts organizations worldwide, HI Arts Lab has been affected deeply by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Because of this, we are not presenting any large scale experiences for the forseeable future until a vaccine is found or other methods of performance are enhanced.

Part of our mission statement has always included an educational component which we planned on launching in 2021. Because of these circumstances, weʻve chosen to launch in September, 2020 with a group of fantastic arts, music, theatre, dance, and media classes, alongside private instrumental lessons. Please check those out by clicking below.

Or check out our Media page for photos, videos, articles and more about some of our Experiences.


  • Speakeasy - Seeking Sensuality
    Loc. Revealed & Tix Close 2/20 @ 5:30 PM
  • Yin and Yang - A Story of Opposites
    Atherton Performing Arts Studio
  • The Speakeasy - A Lot of Hawaiʻi
    Location requires a password
  • Dichterliebe - A Descent into Love 10/20
    Entrepreneur's Sandbox
  • Dichterliebe - A Descent into Love 10/19
    Entrepreneur's Sandbox
  • Dichterliebe - A Descent into Love 10/18
    Entrepreneur's Sandbox


Despite being closed for large-scale experiences, we are moving forward with our online academy which will eventually morph into both an online and in-person academy once the COVID-19 crisis is rectified with a vaccine. 

Until then, our academy could use volunteers just as much as our experiences did, If you are interested, Iʻm sure we can find a good way to use your skills and knowledge and weʻd be so very grateful. Please inquire by clicking on the ad to your right. And weʻll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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