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Online Learning

Virtual music lessons are just like traditional lessons, except students and teachers interact online using Zoom video conferencing software. Utilizing high speed internet, multiple camera angles and pro audio connections, HI Arts Lab Lessons take online learning to the next level. Not only do you get the benefits of traditional private lessons including a personalized plan and individualized feedback, virtual lessons enable quick and easy sharing of information, recording ability and much more.

Getting Started

Suggested Equipment

Digital Network Cables

High Speed Internet



Piano Keys

A Good Instrument

Upgrade Options

Not Required but you may find some of these quite useful for lessons now, and for many projects in the future. 

$7 - $45

Your audio and visual will improve quite a bit with the addition of a wired cable. They come in many sizes and prices. Try not to pay more than $15-20... and even that's expensive. 


What's great about this tripod set is the fact that it fits nearly all sizes of iPad that have recently been released, but also comes with a free iPhone tripod as well. 

iPad USB

Nowadays, this is almost a must have when you work on an iPad regularly. With just one tiny input, the iPad can become useless very quickly if you run out of battery because you were powering and running periphery devices without charging. 

$99 - $500

The Blue Yeti is an industry standard mic that has great quality audio for its price. If using an iPad, you will definitely need the adapter above. And depending on your set up, you may need a mic stand.

$80 - $150

If you nave a subpar camera, then a new webcam can help but with that said, most zoom lessons are not done on the highest quality. This is a splurge for just a nint. 

$25 - $80

Either this type of stand, or the next one on the list are great additions and ensure that your computer is not put in precarious positions. They are both at a great price. 

$25 - $75

One can never have too many USB ports, but this powered USB port also helps charge devices, and keeps the options open when using peripherals that plug into your computer. 


ForScore is the music industry's go-to app for score reading, annotation, and rehearsals. If your instructor also has this app, they will be able to annotate during your lessons and send a copy for you to see as well. *ONLY FOR iOS


If your wifi router is far away from your computer and music room, sometimes having a wifi extender makes a world of difference. For its price point, it's a good investment. 

$35- $100

This laptop stand allows for the greatest opportunity to make sure your computer is where it needs to be, but kept safe from falling off a stack of books, or something else. 

$35 - $500

Headphones can be great to make sure you not only hear everything, but to reduce the feedback between speakers already in this set up. Noice cancelling headphones can also help keeping the noises of life at bay while you have a lesson. 

Pink Sugar Texture

Room Requirements

  • A quiet, traffic-free room is best to ensure private lessons. 

  • If you are taking private lessons with a larger instrument, make sure you have space to move around comfortably. 

  • Make sure you have adequate ventilation, or a fan to keep you cool.

  • Test out different angles for your camera, and if using a microphone or other gear, make sure you've tried it all once before your first lesson. 

A few things to do before your lesson...

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