HI Arts Lab is Hawaiiʻs newest performing arts organization bringing multi- disciplinary music experiences to audiences. I am thrilled to be introducing you to a concept and musical experience that was first conceived by myself and our original co-founder, Jamie Offenbach. With the use of non-traditional venues, multiple art forms on stage at the same time, and experiences that are crafted from the moment you enter the space, we are throwing the challenge out to ourselves as well as our audiences to come with us on this ride. Even art forms that are not considered performative like fashion, architecture, food, & visual arts are welcome on our stage. 


After 20 years abroad in Toronto, Bogotá, Montréal, Italy, France, Austria, and Seattle, I've been witness to a global decline in ticket sales and there are a number of reasons for this including the length of some programs, the lack of thoughtful programming, and the lack of food and beverage within most traditional venues. Attending performing arts has sometimes become colorless in a world that celebrates bright and vivid hues. 

But it hasnʻt always been and neednʻt be like that. Opera was formed as a populist art form where people spent hours conducting business, meeting with friends, eating & drinking, and... to listening to some music. Classical art-songs (featured this season!) were the "pop hits" of the time, before the age of vinyl, cd, and mp3ʻs. People would purchase music to take home and share with their family and friends around the piano and belt these songs out together.

So what can we do? 

Together as artists, we can bring performing arts back to the forefront with collaborative performances and experiments. We can let an unexpected art form teach us something, while we unexpectedly inspire our friends. 


I am proud to be the only professional, Native Hawaiian classical pianist and vocal coach in the world and hope to bridge some of the divide between Hawaiian and Western arts. But I need your help by coming out to our experiences and experimenting as much as we are with our work. This season alone, youʻll see classical voice, modern dance, hula, Hawaiian mele, visual art, fashion, food, cabaret, classical instrumental, and musical theatre performances. With innovative programming, and a rejection of the status quo, HI Arts Lab is committed to its audience and to bringing experiences that are relevant to you now. 

Have a collaborative idea? We'd love to hear more from you! Let us learn from each other. 

Until then, a hui hou!

Executive and Artistic Director

Maika  Nash


Our mission

To bring a variety of art forms together to create innovative and collaborative experiences. Focusing on non-traditional venues, we hope to challenge audiences to experience other forms of art even ones we don't consider performative. We also foster education in the arts community with programs that target all ages and abilities and that challenge our students.

Our core

We want to seduce more people back to experience all forms of art. We want to present productions that are topical and relevant to today's society and generation. We want to enjoy food and drink at shows and will always make this a priority! And we want to have fun - and to bring that fun to you as ticket-holders. 

Our vibe

Art never stands still and should never revel simply in what came before. But should challenge itself to make a statement about what comes after. We break rules and ruffle feathers. And it's not art until someone has a strong opinion about it.

Our promise

To keep you engaged, and to challenge your ideas of what can be done, and sometimes what should be done. To deliver topical NOW programming, and to let you help guide us to new and unchartered paths.


HI Arts Lab kicks off its first season with "Dichterliebe - A Descent into Love"

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